LIFE=ART is an ongoing conversation about what it means to live life as a creative person. Lifelong Persistent Creative Types, artist Stephen Schaub and his wife, author Eve Schaub advocate for the embrace of art in every aspect of life, and the appreciation and support of living artists particularly. Art makes life worth living.

Eve Schaub

Author Eve O. Schaub lives with her family in Vermont and enjoys performing experiments on them so she can write about it.

During 2011 Eve wrote a blog about her family’s attempt to live and eat for a year without any added sugar in their food, which became the book Year of No Sugar (Sourcebooks, 2014). She has been a guest on the Dr. Oz Show, and FOX and Friends, and has appeared in numerous print and online outlets. She considers not hyperventilating on national television one of her greatest accomplishments.

Her new book, Year of No Clutter, (March, 2017) reveals her deepest, darkest secret: clutter. In it, she details her struggle to transform herself from a self-described “clutter-gatherer” into a neat, organized person who can actually walk through every room of her house and does not feel the need to keep everything from childhood raincoats to cat fur. 

Eve holds a BA and  BFA from Cornell University, and a MFA from the Rochester Institute of Technology. A confirmed Word Person, she has at various times been a newspaper reporter, magazine columnist, and copy writer. She likes to say that she has written for everything but the classifieds section, but in truth she did that too.

Stephen Schaub

Artist Stephen Schaub is recognized as a master printer and innovator in both film and digital technologies. For more than a decade his blog, Figital Revolution, and 2006 book of the same name, have promoted the fusion of film and digital photographic techniques and revolutionized the way a new generation thinks about the art form. In his artwork, Schaub works with a variety of unusual and custom cameras, many of which he has had built for specific bodies of work. His advanced printing platform, the da Vinci, is one of only two such systems in the world. Schaub was one of Polaroid’s “Ten Featured Artists.” 

In 2017, Schaub was awarded a three-month solo show at the prestigious Vermont Governor's Gallery in Montpelier. Currently he is curating a show at the Southern Vermont Art Center's Elizabeth C. DeWilson Museum entitled I Choose Film, opening July 2017. Schaub’s artworks have been exhibited in both the United States and abroad, including: New York City NY, Las Vegas NV, South Hampton NY and Paris, France. His works are held in many private and corporate collections, most notably the Polaroid Collection.

Schaub is the author of several collections of his work including, “What Gets Lost: Images from Route 20, America’s Longest Road” (2014), and “Through A Glass Darkly” (2004) which was featured as a show both in Vermont and Paris. In 2013 he completed a series of 15 theme books in 15 weeks with titles such as “Aisle Three” “The Bedroom Book” “Fair Food” and “Head Shots."

He is a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology with a BFA in Photographic Arts and Sciences. Before that, he served in the Unites States Marine Corps and is a veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Desert Storm. He received the Navy Achievement Medal.